what is silver?

The silver is a metal scattered all over the world. There are sometimes hard lumps. silver is Usually extracted from an ores. In these raw materials the silver are combined with sulfur, or a part of Some other sulfates, especially copper sulfate.

In fact the silver is combined with a lot of material so there are a several ways to separate it from other elements. The silver is a high elasticity so its difficult to use in its pure case. Thus, it is mixed with other metals. for example the silver coins, contain 90% silver and 10% copper, ((Sterling silver)), which makes Jewelry from it, Contain 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. The name came from a family in northern Germany called ((Easterling)), they were a members of the honest traders who deal with the King ((John)), who assigned them the task of making the English metal coin in 1215, they had implementation of the mission with honesty and integrity So that their names are still be used to denote the correct value of the currency.

All sterling silver coin stamped placed with special stamp either the word (( Sterling)) or any other symbol of the country ratio. Pure silver does not rust in fresh air, But when it turns to black that means there are sulfur in the atmosphere. Silver is The second metal after gold Because of the easy industrial action, it is the greatest electricity and heat transfer.

Jewelry industry Starts by melting silver to a liquid, then pour it in the template that made of  resistant material to high extreme temperatures, After Cooling, The template be placed on the surface of cold water, Clumping and then Knocking on, to consist a wide and thin plate, then it will be sliced And formed according to the Industry purpose, which is intended. Such as the use of women bracelets, rings, chains, anklets, earrings and head covers.