Jewelry Styling Winter

Whenever we think about winter the images of blazing fireplaces, snowy fields, cherries and reindeers fill up our minds with thousand crimson hues which are beyond all description. Winter months are a time for long holidays and get together, when the entire family gathers to celebrate the various festivals of the season. The season starts with Thanksgiving which is a very important harvest festival of Canada and USA, followed by the Christmas and New Year. Thanksgiving – It is one of the secular festivals of North America; which is traditionally celebrated with food that is harvested during the winter months. The tradition of gifting jewelry and other special items to near and dear ones is not uncommon.

The most common jewelry of this season includes jewelry that is modeled on the basis of autumn leaves, berries and birds typically found during this season. Some of the most popular jewelry items include pendants made out of stainless steel resembling maple leaves. Then there are brooches made out in the shape of fruits and berries of the harvest season. Special earrings & stretchable bracelets are crafted in the shape of turkey birds, leaves, berries and other symbols of the season are also available as gifts to near and dear ones. Christmas – If Thanksgiving celebrates the harvest season, Christmas celebrates the birth of Christ.

Quite obviously symbols like the star and Christmas tree takes precedence when it comes to celebrating Christmas with jewelry. Stainless steel is mainly preferred because it can be easily molded into various shapes according to the needs of the client. Small items like earrings, rings and pendants are particularly popular with girls as gifts. The design of a pendent or earning during Christmas ranges from snowflakes to stars and other various signs popularly associated with the birth of Christ. Small brooches resembling the snowman or the Christmas tree can be given to members of both the gender without discrimination. New year- New Year is perhaps the only event which is global in the true sense of the word. It’s an event of nonstop fun and merriment.

Jewelry that is worn on New Year eve is generally light and funky. They are styled to match the dresses that are worn by men and women for New Year parties. It can also be heavy and artistic depending on the wearer. Stainless steel jewelry fits the bill greatly because it has got the unique quality of satisfying the needs of both the type of jewelry designers. From nose pins to hair beads, necklaces, anklets, bracelets, rings, very thing can be gifted on the occasion of New Year. In conclusion we can say that winter is one such season when the spirit of enjoyment is in the air and jewelries only helps to add that extra bit of glow to that spirit. People who buy jewelry during this season often wishes to make a style statement that shall win those praises and admiration from friends as well as strangers.